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benefit of health insurance

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There are several health insurance benefits in addition to bring public access to health services , among others
Insurance change events are not bound to be uncertain and planned
Insurance helps reduce the risk of individuals to risk group of people in a way perangkuman risk (risk pooling ) .
Thus the cross-subsidy occurs ; are young help the old , the healthy helping the sick , the rich help the poor .
Summary of Risk
summary of risk is at the core of the insurance and occurs when a number of individuals at risk agreed to raise the risk of reducing the burden to be borne by each individu.Perangkuman risk increases the likelihood of obtaining the output that is " moderate " and away from extreme outcomes , besides reducing the cost of risk ie financial losses associated with the risk of the event ( B Murti , 2000) . This happens because most of the pain event is an independent event , so the probability of doubling the applicable law ( Multiplication Law of Probability ) , if the pain is dependent events , such as infectious diseases , then the law does not apply . Furthermore Murti give an example , a person associated with the event has only sick two (2 ) possibility is healthy or sick .
If there are two persons A and B , then it has four possibilities , namely :

    A and B ill
    A and B healthy
    A healthy hospital B
    A healthy B ill .

So if there are n people , the derivative of the formula would be 2 " possibilities .

Law of Large Number
Insurance requires a large number of participants , so that risks can be distributed evenly and widely and effectively reduced .
This principle is a consequence law of large numbers , the more participants , the greater the risk that can dikurangi.Menurut analysts in the United States , the number of members 50,000 a Health Maintenance Organization ( HMO ) , viewed favorably .
Independent events
As already described , a summary of the events of the risks assumed to be independent . In the event a state dependent probability multiplication law does not apply because the probability people will be sick at the same time dependent on events larger than independent events . Examples : TBC ( dependent ) were more likely than heart disease ( independent ) .
Risk avoidance behavior
People behave risk averse , are indispensable to the success of insurance transactions , including health insurance . This happens because by purchasing insurance , a risk averse not only to obtain certainty with regard to pain , but also gain the satisfaction ( utility ) is relatively higher because they feel protected .
Maintenance and Health Services
In discussing insurance , not apart from maintenance and health services which belong to the group of services because most of its products in the form of services . There are a number of attributes that need to be considered in the maintenance and health services , among others :
Healthy and health care as a right
As with other basic needs , the need for a healthy life is a basic element that should always strived to be met regardless of one's ability to pay .
Uncertainty about the need for maintenance and health pealyanan , the time , the place , the costs , the urgency of care and so on .
Asymetric Information
Asymetric Information is unbalanced state between the knowledge of service providers ( providers) with service users ( clients / patients ) because of ignorance patient , the provider determines the type and volumepelayanan that need to be consumed by the patient . This situation will lead to supply -induced demand which exceeds the service delivery needs of patients resulting in increased health care costs .
Externality that users and non- users of health care services and direct maintenance can enjoy the results , the nature of preventive care generally have large externalities that are classified in society commodity or public goods , for example : immunization .
There are so many types of energy that contributes to the health service and work as a team , for example : hospital workers ( over 60 types ) .
Mix - outputs
Mix - generated outputs that output is a package of services as teamwork between individuals and nature varies greatly depending on the type of disease .
restriction compete
Compete restriction is a limitation of practice to compete so that the market mechanism is not perfect , for example : there is no provision of goods or dumping prices in health care .

The characteristics of the above should be considered in determining insurance premiums participants , achievement peal rate care, generally, of determining aksesitas to health care facilities , as well as the determination of services for doctors , nurses and other health personnel .